Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Inspirational Players Series - An Interview With Martavius Neloms

   Martavius Neloms was already a family favorite in our home because of his unselfishness and loyalty to our beloved Wildcats. Knowing what I do about him now, I am so thankful my sons have a man like him to look up to. I am also very grateful he was willing to take the time to allow me to interview him as he prepares for the upcoming NFL Draft.

  Martavius is known across the SEC as Kentucky's most versatile player. He is recognized for his tackling prowess, for pass breakups, and for forcing fumbles. He is highly touted for being a team player as Kentucky coaches switched him from starting cornerback to free safety his junior year, back to cornerback again his senior year. He is especially known for the ferocious hit against Kent State's Dri Archer that likely still has the linebacker reeling.  Neloms is known for many things on the football field, but the humble Wildcat never seeks the attention thrown his way. His focus is on the things that matter most  -  like giving back to his community in ways you may not realize.

 The story I'm about to tell you is not one that will grace the stats sheet or the sports pages of the newspaper, but to know Martavius means you need to know this about him...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Players: Through The Eyes Of Their Biggest Fan - Alex Otte's Take On The Season So Far

Guest Post by Alex Otte

This morning, I woke up to my mom bringing the Sunday paper into my room for me to read. As with every Sunday paper, I flipped straight to the sports section to see what had been said about the men that I have become extremely close to. I was appalled at what I read. The writers of the herald leader act like the Kentucky football team has no fans that would stay throughout the game (or even throughout the rest of the season), that is most certainly not the case. I admit that the stands weren't as full as I would've liked to have seen yesterday against Vanderbilt, but they were not empty.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joining The Big Blue Nation

The 37 Year-Old College Football Virgin's Retrospective on UT @ UK; November 26, 2011

SEPT 19th, 2012-Being a baseball guy through-and-through, I'd never been to a college football game.

Actually, I'd never been to ANY football game, other than a few high school games here and there.

I'd watch college games from time to time on TV, along with a random mix of NFL and CFL games, but never had any real interest in going to see a game live. That all changed last year.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tailgating Photo Album - UK vs Western Kentucky

Very, very creative use of an Ambulance

The UK Football Fans In The Stands Series - #2

Prior to the UK game versus Western Kentucky, fans were still hopeful, still looking to start a win streak... looking to win - period. The overall mood for the tailgaters was jovial, but many shared it was not necessarily game related.  I heard from many fans that tailgating was often all UK fans had to look forward to with the dismal seasons in recent past.

I spoke to nearly 240 UK fans, as well as a handful of WKU fans on Saturday to talk quarterbacks, recruits, the defense, and standout players.  First up are the quotes from the fans, and then the poll questions...