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University of Kentucky Football 2012 - The Players: Through The Eyes Of Their Biggest Fan.

Alex Otte is widely known as the UK fan that the players themselves are a fan of.  She is not merely a spectator, she has a close personal relationship with the team.
 You can read more about how Alex became such good friends with the players in the feature article we posted about her for our Inspirational Players Series - Chicks Dig the Inspirational #1 Wildcat Fan - Alex Otte.  

Throughout the season Alex will be posting photo albums, notes, and articles on her friends - the UK Football Wildcats.

University of Kentucky Football 2012  
The Players: Through The Eyes Of Their Biggest Fan.
A Guest Post by Alex Otte

These were the pictures taken at fan day. This is not all the players and absolutely not all of my friends. 

#1: Martavius Neloms
Martavius may be one of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met. Each season since I met these guys I have bought a jersey to wear to games, Last year, the jersey I wore was #22, Danny Trevathan. This year, my jersey of choice is #1 for Martavius, which I plan to get him to sign next time I see him.

#11 Maxwell Smith

To understand this series, you must understand that I'm not just their biggest fan, these men are my best friends, so I'm not as interested in getting their autographs as I am just being able to talk to them and give them all a hug. Walking up to get Max's autograph at fan day, I was so afraid that the man standing in front of the quarterbacks wasn't going to let me get close enough to give Maxwell a hug. As you can see from this picture, I guess as I walked back without even paying attention to the fact that he was standing there he realized that I was going to hug my friend whether he liked it or not. :)

#12 Morgan Newton
On Feburary 7th of this year, I barely knew Morgan. My dad, mom, little brother and I were all sitting at the UK basketball game because it was my brothers ninth birthday. I recognized Morgan sitting near me. My brother walked away and I knew it would be really special for him if he were to get a "Happy birthday" from Morgan Newton. Even though I barely knew Morgan at the time, I walked down and asked if he would wish my brother a happy birthday when he came back. Morgan said yes and when my brother was walking back to our seats Morgan wished him a happy birthday. He was ecsatic! Also, Morgan may be the most intelligent man I have ever met. I decided to play him in Words with Friends. I had no chance.

#16 La'Rod King
I can't say enough about La'Rod King. Not only is he an amazing athlete, he's an incredible person. Him and my brother have their own weird little handshake that you wouldn't think means much, but to my brother, it means the world and La'Rod is not only his favorite player, but his favorite person ever. To me, he is an amzing friend and he can be totally weird and totally hilarious but that's why we love him so much.

#21 Josh Clemons
Josh Clemons is really special to me because, even though he didn't lose a leg like I did, he came back from an injury and always had a positive outlook.

#86 Jordan Aumiller

Jordan is a great player and has always been very nice. I must say, I miss his long hair! :)

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